New Berlin, WI

20,000 sq. ft. office + 15,000 sq. ft. maintenance facility
Two-story Office adjacent to the shop and wash bay facility

Services Provided: Civil, Electrical, Fire Protection, Landscape Architecture, Lighting Design, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural, Telecommunications

Harwood designed and engineered a versatile and multi-functional facility for Veit's Wisconsin headquarters, integrating equipment and maintenance areas with office functions.

The design and landscaping of the facility in Wisconsin were based on Veit’s facility in Rogers, MN, using local materials. To make the building entrance visually striking, we incorporated an excavator, a critical piece of equipment for the business, as a structural element. The arm of the excavator supports the extended cantilever canopy at the entrance. We designed this element to extend with limited support while being balanced, which required additional care and consideration during the design phase.

Harwood was also tasked with designing efficient HVAC systems to cater to heating, ventilation, and cooling needs. The electrical system was tailored for multiple uses, including provisions for emergency power during outages. A comprehensive plumbing system involving well and septic consultants was also implemented for optimal functionality. We installed an LED lighting system with dimming controls, occupancy sensors, and decorative pendants to match the industrial aesthetics of the company’s equipment.

From our very first meeting with Harwood they gave me the confidence that they could bring our unique Milwaukee regional facility build concepts to reality. From our challenging location and soil conditions to our extraordinary design features. We are extremely proud of our new facility and thank the Harwood team for all their dedication to supporting our build.

Jesse Roush
SVP of Operations

The Structural Engineers Association of Wisconsin (SEAWI) has awarded Harwood the Excellence in Structural Engineering Award under the Large Project category.