Special attention to AO Smith’s new facility systems mimics their own efficient products

AO Smith Corporate Technology Center

Milwaukee, WI

Services Provided: Electrical, Fire Protection, Lighting Design, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural

A.O. Smith Corporate Technology Center (CTC) is dedicated to the development of new energy efficient products and processes. Their new state of the art facility houses the technology for this global leader to constantly be able to reinvent itself.

Prototype, coatings, thermal, analytical, air/water filtration and biosafety Level 2 laboratories were designed with flexibility within the 43,795 sf of space. The outcomes of this Milwaukee-based water research are leading-edge solutions for A.O. Smith’s water heaters, boilers and water purification equipment distributed to commercial and residential users in more than 60 countries. This advanced technology is evident in their new Technology Center, where Harwood designed a Process Hot Water Recovery and Reuse system. This system, which takes hot water from the thermal lab and collects it in a large hot water recovery tank and pumps it back to the water heater test stations, offsets the need to use hot city water at the test stations, thereby reducing overall water usage at the facility. Hot water stored in the hot water recovery tank will also be utilized to preheat the boiler return water to reduce the boiler load during the heating season. The recovered heat will offset the boiler demand and eliminate the need to operate the boilers.  The heat recovered from the thermal lab will be utilized to partially or fully heat the building.